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List of trusted free directory submission sites to boost traffic and backlinks

directory submission web sites to get backlinks
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Hi friends, I'm Gyan Ranjan with a list of trusted free directory submission web sites to get traffic backlinks. In this post, you'll get a detailed description of directory submission web sites. And the process to get organic traffic and free do-follow backlinks from these sites.

What is directory submission web sites

These are the sites that allow you to submit your sites or content links inappropriate categories and subcategories. 

These directory submission web sites have their own terms and conditions. 

You will have to follow the instructions of these sites to submit your site or links. 

The submission of a site or links on directory submission web sites helps your site in getting organic traffic and quality do-follow backlinks. 

In this way, you can boost Adsense revenue, DA, PA, and PR of your site or blog.

Benefits of Directory Submission

A site or blog gets a better rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other popular search engines with the help of directory submission.

The link popularity with relevant keywords increases by submitting links on various directory submission web sites. 

But you should choose secure sites to submit a link. It will be best for your site. 

That's why I'm providing the list of only secure directory submission web sites.

The popularity and distribution of links increase the indexing rate and ranking. It grows up organic traffic to your site.

Because these sites are with high DA PA and PR. So you will get high-quality do-follow backlinks for your site.

Directory submission is a part of a link building strategy or off-page SEO. So your site's SEO increases by directory submission.

Types of Directory Submission web sites.

There are 3 types of directory submission on the web.

1. Paid or featured listing- You'll have to pay a fixed amount to the site's owner for approval of listing on a directory.

2. Free or regular listing- This is absolutely free but the time period for approval is indefinite. Just submit a site or links by following the instructions of the preferred site and wait for the approval. The time period of approval may be one month, two months or more. But this is the best and safe process for your site.

3. Regular link with reciprocal- This is a give and takes process. You'll have to pest a code on your site provided by the directory submission site. In return, your site's listing will be approved.

Ability criteria for directory submission

The site shouldn't be a single page or under construction.

An SEO friendly site has more chance of approval

Content should follow the instructions and term and condition

The site or links should be relevant to the chosen category and sub-category.

The title, meta description, and description must be SEO friendly and relevant.

The process of Directory Submission

At first, select a site for submission.

Select appropriate category and sub-category

Suppose that, your site's content is about live cricket score.

Then select a category sport and sub-category cricket.

Your contents may be on any subject like SEO technology, news, the love story, special events or online earning

But choose the category and sub-category that best defines your post. 

Choose plan paid, free or reciprocal.

Provide your site's information

Read and follow the guidelines for submission.

Confirm email if necessary.

Directory submission web sites list 9sites (5) Ontoplist (4) Blogarama (3) Blogs-collection (3) Blogville (4) Viesearch (4) 1websdirectory (4) 247webdirectory (4) Acewebdirectory (5) Activesearchresults (4) Directory-free (3) Directory staff (6) Dizila (6) Entireweb (4) Gain web (4) Onemilliondirectory (5) Somuch (6) Usgeo (7) Blogs (5) Eatonweb Gimpsy Skoobe 01webdirectory Daduru 1webdirectory Cipinet

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