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40 Social bookmarking best sites with high DA to boost web traffic SEO

Boost traffic SEO with social bookmarking best sites
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Hi, friends, I'm Gyan Ranjan. In this blog post, I'm providing you the Social bookmarking sites list with high DA to boost web traffic SEO, backlinks and DA to your site. You should know about social bookmarking best sites. With the help of which, you can increase traffic, backlinks, SEO score and Domin Authority to your site.

What is Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are those sites that allow you to submit your post. These sites are with high Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA). At first, you have to complete the sign-up process of these sites. Then you can submit your posts to these social bookmarking sites. 

Social bookmarking sites benefits

There are so many advantages to Social bookmarking sites. These sites are with high DA, PA and a large number of audiences. So your site will get the quality do-follow backlinks, high organic traffic, increase in SEO score and Domain Authority. As a result revenue from your site will increase.

How to use Social bookmarking sites

Click on the links given below. Complete sign-up process. Add your site's homepage link in the profile section if allowed. Read the terms and conditions of every site. Submit posts by the following post submitting process and rules. Increase your activity by sharing your posts and reading other's posts.

Other ways to boost web traffic SEO like Social bookmarking sites

There are so many other ways to boost web traffic SEO backlinks and DA. But you should take the help of these Social bookmarking sites and Social sites. Because using these social sites are the best way for it. 

A list of 40 Social bookmarking best sites with high DA   

Site link                                                            

1.   in.pinterest.com (DA 98, PA 81)                        

2.   www.reddit.com (DA 97, PA 88)                        

3.   www.flickr.com   (DA 97, PA 93)                          

4.   weheartit.com    (DA 96, PA 89)                            

5.   myspace.com    (DA 95, PA 82)                           

6.   medium.com     (DA 93, PA 78)                          

7.   www.diigo.com (DA 92, PA 73)                           

8.   foursquare.com (DA 92, PA 76)                         

9.   www.google.co.in/bookmarks (DA 92, PA 43)

10. getpocket.com (DA 92, PA 74)

11. www.quora.com (DA 92, PA 75)

12. www.scoop.it (DA 92, PA 73)

13. slashdot.org   (DA 92, PA 75)

14. www.plurk.com (DA 91, PA 69)

15. www.pearltrees.com (DA 91, PA 69)

16. hubpages.com  (DA 91, PA 69)

17. boingboing.net  (DA 91, PA 73)

18. blinklist.com  (DA 91, PA 63)

19. www.folkd.com (DA 87, PA 66)

20. www.librarything.com (DA 86, PA 69)

21. dzone.com/links (DA 82, PA 49)

22. paper.li (DA 82, PA 65)

23. www.fark.com (DA 81, PA 67)

24. www.mendeley.com (DA 78, PA 65)

25. linkarena.com (DA 77, PA 59)

26. www.bibsonomy.org (DA 75, PA 60)

27. www.citeulike.org (DA 72, PA 61)

28. pinboard.in (DA 69, PA 59)

29. www.bizsugar.com (DA 68, PA 59)

30. www.bookmark4you.com (DA 65, PA 55)

31. mysitevote.com (DA 62, PA 51)

32. viesearch.com/submit (DA 61, PA 50)

33. 1look4.com (DA 61, PA 50)

34. addthismark.com (DA 61, PA 50)

35. www.akonter.com (DA 58, PA 53)

36. www.bookmarkbay.com (DA 55, PA 51)

37. www.blogengage.com    (DA 54, PA 54)             

38. wirefan.com (DA 52, PA 48)

39. sfcsf.org  (DA 49, PA 45)

40. lymelightwebs.net (DA 47, PA 43)

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