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7 best ways to earn money online from home without investment

earn money online fast

Hi friends, I'm Gyan Ranjan. Earn money online from home without investment seems too difficult. But it isn't true. There are several easy ways to earn money online from home without investment with the help of which you can earn money online fast. So read these real ways to make money from home.

Such as Blogging, Affiliate marketing, URL shortener, PTC, PTR sites, Youtubing, Selling your own stuff, Domaine selling, etc. You will have to use your strong Social Sites to improve online earning. 

These Social Sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Adifty, Instagram, APSense, Reddit, etc.

7 reliable ways to earn money online fast

1. Blogging

Blogging is the best and reliable ways to earn money online fast

This is a good source of online passive income nowadays. 

You have to configure yourself about your interest area. 

You can share your idea and experience with blogging. 

As a result, you will get money by showing ads. 

You can create a blog of any category as you like and interested. 

Your category may be sports, news, technology, story or any in which you are experienced. 

You will have to follow these simple steps to earn money online from home without investment from a blog.

Create an SEO friendly blog. Write 25-30 good, impressive and attractive articles for your blog. 

Use the keyword tool for the title of every post. 

Publish your posts after making it SEO friendly. 

Apply for Adsense. follow these 5 tips for quick Adsense approval

Set-up ads to your blog. Increase traffic to your site. 

You may use 6 best traffic exchange sites to increase traffic. 

You can get free do-follow backlinks to improve strength, traffic, and DA of your blog. 

You should follow these 7 ways to increase Adsense earning. 

After following these tips the traffic and Adsense earning will increase as fast as you desire.

2. URL shortener to earn money

A URL shortener is also a good source to earn money online fast

You can earn easily by shortening URL of any post, videos. 

Just select any URL and shorten it using a URL shortener. 

Share this shortened URL in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, etc. 

If anyone will click on this link an advertising page will open before the requested page. 

As a result, you will get some money. 

You can get more money by using an attractive article with a shortened URL. 

There are so many URL shorteners but these are the 5 best URL shortener to earn money online fast

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a good source to earn money online from home without investment. 

Create Associate accounts on any high selling website. 

Amazon is a popular site for it. Select some products which may be useful for your followers. 

Get code of every product and share it on your social sites. 

If anyone will purchase the product using the link of your affiliate code, you will get a fixed commission. 

In these days affiliate marketing is a good and popular way of online earning

You Should follow some rules for it as declared in terms and condition section of affiliate sites. 

You will have to sell a minimum fixed number of products in the fixed maximum time period.

4. Highest paying PTC sites

The highest paying PTC sites are also a good source of online earning. 

But there are so many frauds highest paying PTC sites on the internet. 

So you should be careful about it.

 Clixsense, Timebucksand Donkeymail are some reliable highest paying sites to earn money online fast. 

You can earn by taking surveys, clicking ads, surfing sites and completing tasks on these sites. 

There are so many earn money online app on the internet. 

Select some reliable and highest paying to earn money online apps

You can take help by reading reviews and checking in NBR

5. Youtube 

Youtube is also a good source of online passive income

Create a YouTube channel, Give it an attracting name on the basis of your interests and experiences. 

Publish videos regularly in a fixed interval. Follow the terms and conditions of the youtube partner program

Fulfill the criteria of monetization

Apply for monetization. Youtube will decide, your channel should monetize or not. 

If your channel gets monetize than you will earn as responsive to view watch time and ads shown on videos.

6. By selling your stuff

You can earn money online fast by selling your stuff. 

Create accounts on Fiverr and similar sites. Provide services in which category you are experienced. 

You will be paid if someone buys your service or products. 

There are so many people earning this way. 

Why you couldn't one of them

The services on Fiverr is known as the gig. 

You can buy gigs on Fiverr and sell it on other platforms in exceeded value. 

It may be a good deal for you if not experienced in the required category. 

You can write and publish a Kindle eBook. Sell it with the help of Amazon Kindle Store to make money.

7. Buy and Sell Domains

A domain name is just a website address such as gyanbest.com, site.co.in, etc. 

There are so many extension such as .com, .co.in, .org, .gov, etc. 

You can buy unsold domains from Go Daddy, Namecheap or other reliable domain selling sites at a low price. 

If your domain name will be valuable in future then you can sell it at a high price. 

As a result, you could get lots of money. 

If you don't like it then you can turn a quick earning for searching domains. 

Find available domain which has some commercial value. 

Snap up and list them for sale in on a website like sedo.com. 

It may be a good source of online earning without investment.

So Gay's these are the 7 best and reliable ways to earn money online from home without investment
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