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Hi friends, I am Gyan Ranjan. In this blog post, I am about to give you a simple method using which you can get Adsense approval for blog very fast and so easy. these are the ways using which I got Adsense approval for my blog. Let's start

1. Unique content
You will have to write unique content for your blog. Not even a single post should have the copy pest materials. Unicity of your content will give support to your blog for fast approval. This factor is most necessary for approval according to Google Adsense terms and condition. Your blog post should have a minimum of 500 words.

2. No. of content
You should write 25-30 unique post for your blog before applying for Google Adsense approval. Unique and large number of post will give you chance for fast approval. It will show your activeness on the blog which will be helpful for fast approval. You should write 2-3 content daily and publish after making SEO friendly.

3. Theme or Templets
You should choose simple, SEO friendly, and Adsense friendly theme for your blog before applying for Google Adsense approval. Those blogs get approval which has the simple theme. You can use the theme given by the blogger. It will be best for your blog for fast Adsense approval. This is my own opinion because I got my blog approved with a simple theme.

4. Pages
You will have to create pages for your blog. these pages are about us, contact us, privacy policy, and disclaimers. You can create the privacy policy and disclaimers page with the help of  Google. Search privacy policy generator on Google. fill required fields and submit. You will get privacy policy in HTML format. copy and pest it on a new page with the title privacy policy. The same process for disclaimers page will have to do. These pages are most necessary for Adsense approval.

5. Third party Domin.
Replace with the third party Domin such, .in, .org or any other which will you like. You can purchase it from Go Daddy or other resources. There are so many videos on youtube with the help of which you can fix it to your blog. Google Adsense gives approval for the third party Domin very fast.

After fulfilling all the above-given circumstances you can apply for Adsense approval. You will get Google Adsense approval as fast as it may be possible.

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