How to publish a blog post, make SEO friendly

How to publish a blog post,

Hi, friends, I am Gyan Ranjan about to share my best idea and important tips before publishing a blog post that how carefully you should publish a blog post to make SEO friendly. 

Let's start

1. You have to write a content rich post;-
First of all, you should write a content-rich blog post must be minimum 500 words and appropriate description of the post title. Your content should indicate the main purpose of your post and title

2.  Don't include your blog title in your post -
You should not use blog title in your post because blog title is" H1" tag and according to SEO point of view only one H1 tag should appear on a page.

3.  Select an appropriate title -
You should select an appropriate title for your post which best describes your content. select a keyword for your title using the keyword tool and use it in your title. You should repeat your keywords in blog post minimum 3 times. Bold keywords in the post to look it different. Create your post title most or partially similar to the blog title which will increase post rank on google.

4.  Length of the title -
The length of a post title must be under 80 characters including space. It is most important to come in google search result to be a post have a title under 80 characters

5.  Select an appropriate label - 
You should select an appropriate label which best describes your blog post content, title, and community. Suppose that if your article is 'how to earn money online using social media' than your blog post label may be 'earn money'

6.  Edit permalink of your blog post -
It is most important to rank a post in google search result. Click on permalink and look automatically created URL. If there is missing of your keywords than edit and add your missing keywords in URL. permalink- custom - edit - add missing keywords before html - save. that's it

7.  Description -
Most important part of a blog post is its description. You should write down description similar to blog post title and best describes the content of your post. According to SEO point of view, the length of any description must be between 70 to 160 characters.

8.  Selection of images -
You may select one or more images to best describe your content. Images are the main things to grow traffic and rank of your post. best images attract the readers, as a result, the blog will grow fast.

9.  Image alt attribute -
You must have to describe the property of images present in a blog post. Click the lower side of the image a popup window will open than click on properties. Two boxes will open. you have to write post title in 1st column and an alternate title in 2nd than save it.

10. Publish -
After doing all the above-described process you are ready to publish a blog post which will be SEO friendly. Click on publish and your post will be live on Google.

In my next article, I will describe the process to submit the blog post URL in the search engine.

Thanks for coming on my blog, must comment.

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